Web Design

How would you like a sharp, professional sales associate with a fantastic personality working 24 hours a day for your business?  That is what good web design can do for your business!  Your website should reflect the great business you have.  Your website can sell your customers on your products or services before they meet you!  Does your current website design do that for you?

Fantastic you say, but out of reach for small business owners?  Not anymore!

With the power of WordPress, Twin Oaks Marketing LLC can bring professional, interactive websites to small businesses at a great price.   We can help small business owners take control of their internet presence.  You will never feel rushed with us. We take the time to get to know your business and what you want and need out of your business website.


Do you have a promotion you want to run this weekend, but can’t get a programmer to add it to your website in time?  Who has the power there?  Not you!  Have you ever heard the saying that power is money?  This has never been as true as giving the power of your business over to an IT department!  It costs you time and big money!

Twin Oaks Marketing LLC will give you the platform you need to run your business.  Run your promotions when you want. Spend your money on great promotions, not technical help.  Communicate with your customers on your time.  Open the conversation with your customer with Wow!  Great Website!  Hey customer, here is what you are looking for and why you should contact me!  WordPress is easy to use and can be a powerful tool for your small business.

Web DesignWe will customize your website design to what you prefer and give the search engines the internal design they prefer to allow your customers to find you in a search engine.  If you choose, we can even write search engine friendly copy for your custom website design to tell your customers and the search engines what you are all about.  Or you can provide all of the copy.   You can provide all of the elements you want or we can get new components for your new website that will fit your needs.  It’s all about you and your small business website.

Do you need another type of website?  Perhaps you need an Ecommerce website for online sales.  These sites need a special platform to operate from.  We know Ecommerce web design and the challenges this type of website brings.  Are you looking for a larger corporate site?  If you need a coded custom website and have specific business needs for your site, we partner with many programmers that can write in multiple computer languages.

Why us?  Twin Oaks Marketing LLC is more than just a website design company.  We know that the first step in digital marketing is a great website, not the only step.  Anyone can hire a programmer to write code. But most programmers do not understand the graphics or the marketing, and neither of them understand what the search engines want and demand. You need someone with a very broad knowledge of every aspect of your web design. We can help you design your custom website to grow with your company.  We know what the search engines are looking for. We understand the graphics, copy-writing, programming and  the marketing that it takes to create a professional website. We know what cool things are out there and what potential clients are responding to and we can help your website stand out. We help you convert more potential clients into paying customers.  You know what your customers are looking for and what makes your business stand out.  Together we will work to create a website that will help potential clients find what they are looking for and bring them into your business.

We don’t want to just sell you a website and wish you luck.   We want to help your business succeed.  We have so many exciting ideas to bring customers into your business using digital marketing.  Our passion is bringing in customers online and offline.  We will be there for you and happy to help with your total internet and digital marketing plan.  We take great pride in helping small business owners understand and use the power of digital marketing to their advantage.

Why now?  Every day you keep that tired old website up is another wasted day.  Twin Oaks Marketing LLC understands that you may not have the time or energy to put into your custom website design.  You are busy running your business.  We completely understand and want to make you even busier selling your goods and services, not working on your site. On the other hand, our business is creating your custom web design and we love to do it!  Don’t waste another minute (or customer) with an outdated ineffective website.  We will help you with your web design to fit your small business needs.

Give Twin Oaks Marketing LLC a call to discuss your Web Design.  No high pressure sales and no charge for your consultation. Just real people talking about how we can help you do business better.  Call 608-314-7371 to discuss your website today!