Twin Oaks Marketing LLC

Jim started off in the shop. He would have been happy spending his life as a welder, but a serendipitous injury took him off his feet and into an office chair.   As Jim climbed the ladder, he learned the ropes in the corporate world; learning how and why people buy was his life for many years.  The biggest lesson he learned in the years in corporate America was that they are big and slow. This creates an environment for small business can keep ahead of them.

Jim is a family man and a hometown boy.  He believes that family comes first.  He also believes that every local business should have a fighting chance and that is why he founded Twin Oaks Marketing.  Everything he does in his business is done to give the small business owner a chance to use the technology of today to their advantage without being taken advantage of!


Jim Jersild

Founder & CEO

But don’t let the small town attitude fool you.  Twin Oaks Marketing, LLC has powerful allies all over the world at their disposal.  We use the most cutting edge technology and bring the world to your door.  Jim’s passion is keeping on the top of the wave when it comes to what technology can do for local business.   He spends hours every week seeking out and talking to people in the know about what is working today.  In the fast paced world of computers what worked yesterday may not work today.  Jim understands that you don’t have the time or the desire to keep up with computer technology.  Jim loves it and will keep you up to date on what you need to know.

Jim is one in a million.  He knows business, not just computing.  He is a rare combination of business consultant, computer programmer, and marketing knowledge all wrapped into one.  He will give you more than just a website.  He will give you a website that can rank and that your customers will love.  He will give you more than just a mobile website; he will deliver a mobile website that targets just what your customers are looking for and convert them into sales.  He knows marketing for small business and how to get customers through your door with digital advertising and can’t wait to talk to you about it.  It’s not about the product he provides to you.  It’s about how that product can turn into your best salesman and bring people through your door.  Just one phone conversation with Jim and you will understand.  It’s like opening the door to a whole new world of opportunity for your small business.

We want to make it “About You”, not “About Us”.  Give Jim a call at 608-314-7371 and find out about him yourself.  He will always be happy to talk to you about how to use today’s digital technology to help increase your bottom line.