Facebook Page Management and Facebook Setup for Local Business

You know as a small or medium sized business that you really do need a business Facebook page.  What you don’t know is how you will ever have the time or energy to manage it.  You are busy working in your business every day and social media management is not on the top of your fun things to do list today!

That is good because most businesses don’t know how to use Facebook management to their advantage.  You really won’t get many likes to that cute picture of your storefront.  It doesn’t really get the same social results as a cute baby picture or a new puppy playing with a kitten.  Business Facebook takes a whole different strategy to engage your customers and keep them talking about you to their friends.  Twin Oaks Marketing LLC does know how to use Facebook management for business and it really is on our fun list!

It starts with a good business Facebook page setup. Maintain your business branding and business logos on your Business Facebook page.  Give your customers a reason to visit and like your page.  Facebook is not all about business.  It is about the social interaction of people.  Understand how Facebook allows your business to interact with their social community and use this knowledge to your advantage.  Twin Oaks Marketing, LLC can help you become the social butterfly of your customer base.

Keeping your customers engaged is more than just posting about your business.  Even the most enthusiastic business owner will admit that posting about business can be boring!  Keep your customer’s excited by using methods that have been proven to engage response.

There is a little known aspect of Facebook called EdgeRank.  This is how Facebook decides if you are worthy of showing up on your friends newsfeed, even if they have said you are their friend.  EdgeRank helps decide how good a friend you are.   Remember that Facebook wants social interaction.   The more you interact with someone, the more love Facebook will give your posts and more people will be able to see you.  This is a very complicated algorithm.  Understanding how this works can make the difference between 10 people viewing your page or 1000.   Twin Oaks Marketing LLC understands how Facebook uses EdgeRank and how to use it to your advantage.

FaceBook ManagementFacebook Management is more than just posting and liking things.  Facebook advertising is an extremely powerful tool.  This tool can put you in front of just the right people if you know how to do it.  Most companies don’t.  They use Facebook advertising like they do a billboard.  They put their picture up there and hope that they catch the attention of enough people that may be slightly interested in their product or services that they may or may not call them.

How about instead, we can put your ad right in front of the group of customers that you want to see your product.  Do you sell camping gear?  How would you like ONLY people who love to camp to see your ad?  Facebook has spent years and millions of dollars gathering personal information and sorting this information into categories.  Twin Oaks Marketing LLC can use that vast wealth of information to laser target your advertising.  We can help you use those valuable advertising dollars more effectively.

Quit throwing your advertising dollars against the wall to see what sticks.  You can use those dollars smarter with the tools we have at our disposal.  Let us use the technology available to put your promotions in front of your target audience. Not sure what your target audience is, we can help with that too.

FaceBook is just getting started.  They are expanding into becoming their own search engine.  Their search results will be based on different criteria and you know it will involve how popular you are with your customers.  Facebook search will be the word of mouth advertising that will help your local business thrive.  There is no better advertising than word of mouth.  Facebook elevates this concept to the next level.

Even if you are trying just to get noticed in the other search engines, your social signals like Facebook is extremely important to getting ranked.  Without social signals like Facebook you are not treated the same as those business who interact with their customers socially.  Twin Oaks Marketing LLC can help you succeed with your Facebook Management, Facebook Set up and Facebook Advertising.    Give us a call at (608) 314-7371 to discuss your Facebook management today.