Video Marketing

A picture is worth a thousand words so what is a video worth? Customers!

Many customers enjoy getting your message via video marketing.  They don’t want to spend the time or don’t like to just read the boring copy on your site.  People are more inclined to be motivated into action by a video than words on a website. Images are powerful. Why not use this powerful media to your advantage?

Video Marketing can be as simple as showing pictures while playing a catchy tune to a full on professional commercial.  There are so many levels of video marketing that it is only limited by your imagination and budget, of course!

A simple, yet very engaging type of video uses whiteboard drawing.  These videos sketch out characters and images to convey your messages while the user is watching the drawing completed in front of their eyes.  This type of video is fascinating and holds your customer’s attention to the very end. 

Whiteboard sketch drawing has been used quite effectively by companies like UPS as an example.  These videos are mesmerizing and will engage the viewer to watch your video.  They are also more likely to remember your message.  You will be amazed that you can have a custom whiteboard video for your small business that will draw customers to you.  You can see an example of this type of video below.

Why Use Video Marketing?

Other than the fact that people love to watch video, the search engines love to rank video.  You may be able to get a video ranked in the search engines more quickly than you can a website.  Using multiple ways to allow customers to find you increases the chances that they will.   In fact, you may want to use multiple videos in different formats to catch the attention of your potential customers.  Videos can be an inexpensive, easy to rank online and are loved by consumers.  Video marketing really makes sense for a small business owner to use to get noticed.

Use the Power of YouTube

Did you know that YouTube is owned by Google?  It is the #2 search engine in the world and the only way to get on this search engine is to have a video.  Not only will it be in the YouTube search, Google may also pick up your video when customers search for your keywords. It’s hard to believe but not all YouTube videos are about cute puppies and babies.

Companies have learned that they can put instructional videos out there to help answer questions. Videos can be used to solve a problem for a customer that your company may be able to help with. For example, if you sell camping gear and someone is looking up how to build a campfire. You can help them by showing them the steps to build a perfect camp fire and become the trusted camping expert all at the same time.  By showing them how to build the camp fire on a video they get the answer to their problem and just happen to find out where they can buy great camping gear.  You have just shown them that you are an expert in the field and are willing to help them out.  This type of video marketing is very effective in building customer relations.

Broaden Your Search Results by using Video Marketing

Even if your video is just a short message about what you can provide you are creating a broader base online for people to find you.  You are establishing your credibility in the search engines that you are a real business that is relevant to your keywords and worthy of ranking.  It is possible to have your video or videos ranking in the search engines along with your website.  You could dominate the page on a keyword by using video marketing.  Video Marketing is a very important aspect in your overall internet marketing strategy and should not be overlooked.